Saturday, March 13, 2010

Across Zambia (0258)

We drove 670km today. From the border of Malawi to the Luangwa river in Zambia. We found a very nice camp site.... with hot water shower. The water from the river is stored in a barell and below you light a fire. It takes 30 minutes and the water is warm. While taking the shower you can smell the smoke from the burning wood. Its of course a pleasure you share with some locusts, spiders and other unidentified insects. Tomorrow we try to drive to Livingston. Another 650km. But the roads here are very good and there is little traffic, - and more important - few people on the border of the street (Zambia being very sparsely populated). So we will be able to drive fairly constantly 80 to 90 kmh.
By the way it was pretty hot today, around 36 degrees. Its because we left the plateau. Instead of being at 1500m to 2000m altitude we are now at merely 400m. The difference in temperature is striking.

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