Monday, March 15, 2010

Zimbabwe (0276)

We only spent about two hours in Zimbabwe. But it was a good and friendly experience. Then we crossed into Botswana...and the unfriendliness and bureaucratic ways reminded us of Mocambique. First payment at customs is only accepted in local currency, the Pula. But you can't exchange at the border crossing. So we had to drive 12km into Botswana without custom clearance to find a bank and go back to the border to find a fee. But be reminded, it's Africa, so this isn't unusual. The unusual part was really the unfriendliness. Later we learned that you have to register for the parks, in some places you are only allowed to camp in state owned camping places etc. So we spent the night on an assigned spot. Original wording from Thomas: 'Never since my service at the army has some told me where to sleep...not until here in Botswana'. The spot was actually on the border of a river and absolutely bug infected. We used all chemical weapons we had and still it was a lost battle. So I spend my time cooking potatoes and fishing out the bugs falling into the pan. Proteines.

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