Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Very long 50km (0206)

We expected a short drive to Kigoma...but it took us close to three hours. After the time lost at the border we were forced to drive at night. The whole street was a in construction interspersed with heavy mud. Several times we thought that our good old Landcruiser will not make it through...and after a long day of driving you don't wont to shovel mud to get the car out. In the pitch dark night it was difficult to find the right spot to pass. No other car was around. It was imposible to distinguish between road and mud terrain around. Once we found a dry but steep sidewalk. We climbed it up, only to back track after some time because there were unpassable rocks on the street. Finally we reached the asphalt. Suddenly we were flying again already, already rejoicing for diner we will have at the hotel. Then the road was blocked with construction trucks. No one was around. No way to pass. So we drove back the kilometers until we reaches the mud again. We remembered passing next to a workers camp with red chinese ballon lamps hanging over th entrance door. Today most routes in Africa are build by China and they send their own staff on site. We thought to stay at the camp, but they indicated us the old road to Kigoma. So we were on the way again. After a difficult climb on a muddy road at the beginning, we found afterwards a very narrow (barely larger than the car) but dry road. We were happy to arrive at the hotel and had diner. Thomas, always eager for new gourmet experiences ate Mgebuka fish, a species you only find here.

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