Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swiss family (0215)

On the road to Mpanda we took over a tanzanian car with a european family inside... and were pretty astonished when they adressed us in Swiss german. The family with three girls aged 4 to 6 has been living in Tanzania for 3 years. He was doing repair work on medical devices.
We agreed to drive with them until Mpanda. The route was sometimes really muddy and their car was not as good as ours for difficult terrain. It slowed us down quite a lot. But we used the time for stopping to take pictures - then catching up with them again. In the middle of the forrest we saw a European women sitting on a bench. We stopped and it happend to be a monkey researcher working on her PhD.
We reached Mpanda at night an found a shabby guest house where we could park our cars. Together with the Swiss family we were sitting behind the cars, cooking spaghetti and eating ananas salad. It was a fun evening. The girls are real african and speak fluently swiss german and kisuaheli...

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  1. those must be odd moments conversing with people, talking 'day-to-day things, as if it were the most normal thing in the world,,, in the nowhere having dinner bedin the cars :-))) cw