Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...and out again (0230)

We the help of the many persons around we were fairly quick on the road again. No damage to the car. We took a danish missionary with us. He was traveling by bus and has been allready waiting two hours there. Later we came to a similar mud hole. Again a blocked truck... But even more people around. I stepped out to take some pictures, while the danish guy walked ahead to look for a drivable path. The people were all walking in the same direction and seemed fairly excited to me. The danish guy came back and told us to get in the car and drive throu quickly. The crowd was becoming unpredictable and unstable. He has been living in Tanzania for many years and understands the local languauge. He explained that the people were here for a witch hunt. To man are said to have bewitched a school and now they have found them. We do not want to know what happend to them. This is the sad and often brutal side of Africa.


  1. ...just keep on the right track or right side of the law I suppose?... that brutal side of Afric must make you really try to keep hidden away a bit

  2. hope all is well! cw