Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting into Tanzania (0204)

We had one of the toughest day so far. Everything went fine up to the border of Burundi. We arrived 1h30 before they close..but unfortunately they did not have at the border post the needed stamp for the car's carnet de passage. So we had to drive back 18km of bad road to the next city. There was a customs office there, but the officer already left. Fortunately everyone is friendly and helpful in Africa. The guy came back, put the stamp in the document and wished us a nice trip. We rerturned to the border - just in time to pass through before they close. We drove the couple of kilometers to the border of Tanzania. The road is being rebuild, so we drove on a construction site...and couldn't find the customs until a wildly gesticulating man told us to stop and indicated the border control hidden behind mountains of mud. After some ill attempts for making us pay some bribes (which we didn't) we were through. Only about 50km from Kigoma, a city in northern Tanzania on the shore of Lake Tanganika.

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